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Course Description

The study of computing requires logical discipline and imaginative creativity in the design and writing of programs, and encourages an awareness of the management and organisation of computer systems. Year One (AS) is about acquiring knowledge and understanding of software, system development, data and applications, and using this knowledge to develop a solution to a given problem. Year Two (A2) builds on the foundation of Year One, and leads to the development of a solution to a substantial problem of the candidate’s own choice.

Year One

AS Unit 1 (Written examination: 2 hours)
Fundamentals of Computer Science:
Computer architecture
Data representation
Data structures
Programming methodologies
The impact of computer science on society

AS Unit 2 (On-screen examination: 2 hours)

Practical Programming to Solve Problems:
The practical application of knowledge and understanding and will require the use of Visual Basic.NET as a programming language.

Year Two

A2 Unit 3 (Written examination: 2 hours)
Programming and System Development:
Data structures
Algorithms and programs
Programming methodologies
Systems analysis & design
Software engineering
The impact of computer science on society

A2 Unit 4 (Written examination: 2 hours)
Computer Architecture, Data & Communication:
Hardware and communication
Data transmission
Data representation and data types
Organisation and structure of data
Databases and distributed systems
The operating system
The need for different types of software systems and their attributes
Data security and integrity processes

A2 Unit 5 (Course Work)
Programmed Solution to a Problem
Candidates discuss, investigate, design, prototype, refine and implement, test and evaluate a computerised solution to a problem chosen by the candidate which must be solved using original code (programming).

Entry Requirements

6 GCSEs at Grade C or above (or equivalent) to include Mathematics at Grade B and English.

Career Prospects

Potential University Qualifications

Business Computer Systems BSc (Hons), Business Information Systems BA (Hons), Computer Science BSc (Hons), Computer Science (Games) BSc (Hons), Digital Games Production BSc (Hons), Digital Media BA (Hons), Digital Media Development BSc (Hons), European Computing BSc (Hons), Internet Computing BSc (Hons), Software Engineering BSc (Hons), Mathematics & Computing BSc (Hons), Computer Engineering BSc (Hons), Business Information Technology BSc (Hons), Web Computing BSc (Hons), Computing & Information Systems BSc, HND Computing and Systems Development, HNC Computing and Systems Development.

*Please note that if you are considering teaching as a career then universities require GCSEs at Grade B or above for Maths, English and Science.

Potential Career Opportunities

IT Director, Programmer/Developer, Database Developer, IT Manager, Project Manager, Technical Support, IT Consultant, Internet/Web Developer, Helpdesk, Software Engineer, Strategy & Planning, Systems Design/ Development, Computer Architect, Tester, Analyst, Network Management, IT Operations, Sales/Marketing.

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Course Length

2 years (Year 1 AS & Year 2 A2)

Course Time

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Course Code QSM1001/QSM1002

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Liz Davies 01639 648441