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Student Clubs

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Student Clubs

NPTC Group has a number of clubs that students can join for enjoyment or support.

The Practice Company

  • The group run a virtual company: they market and develop a product or service and compete against other colleges in the region on a national and an international basis
  • Tuesday: 2.15pm - 4.15pm
  • NG204 (Neath Campus)
  • Contact name: Sharon Williams/Ann James
  • International winners in New York Trade Fair 2012, New York City, USA.

The Eco Group

  • Discussing sustainability issues and organising events such as fundraising
  • Monday: 12.30pm - 1.00pm
  • AA004 (Afan Campus)
  • Contact name: Tracey Clifford.

Equally Different

  • Providing an opportunity for students to discuss any issue related to E&D
  • Plan and take part in activities & events such as International Women's Day, World Religion Day, HMD, White Ribbon Day, World Café Event
  • Comment on NPTC Group SEP & Equality Objectives
  • Provide a student perspective to DMG
  • Offer support to group members and wider peer group

Between 12.15pm -1.45pm on Wednesdays: 21st Nov, 19th Dec, 6th Feb, 13th March & 24th April

  • NA044a (Neath Campus)
  • Contact name: Lesley Blower 8175 - NB116 (Neath Campus)
  • All welcome – meetings are informal and on a drop-in basis to accommodate 1st and 2nd years over a lunch period. Any activities/events will be additional to the above dates and advertised by e-mail, Facebook, electronic screens, posters, etc.

NPTC Recruit & Careers Wales Workshops

  • CV & Interview Techniques Workshops (1 hour each workshop). CV writing is interactive and conducted on a PC. Students have the opportunity to work within a professional CV template to update their skills/employment history, etc. Objective is to ensure students have appropriate up to date CVs. The Interview Technique Workshop is delivered through a fun method via a laptop and 'sketches of comedians'. Objective is to give examples of skills which would assist the students in an interview process.
  • Meetings: this varies, but at present bi-monthly and usually on a Wednesday pm (as many students have time off on this afternoon)
  • Centerprise

  • To date we have assisted over 50 students in these workshops. Whilst at present these two themes have been identified, we hope to scope out and deliver additional themes to enhance our students' employability skills.

Social/Study Skills Group

We use our time to develop skills required for independent study at College. Learners can work on any additional assignments or projects. We also set aside time to discuss issues and concerns that wouldn't necessarily affect other learners, e.g. upcoming strike days, changes in timetables or rooms, managing our time and free time. Last year, we looked at issues such as bullying and personal space and produced some booklets to help others understand how these issues are seen from an ASD perspective. Ultimately, the overall aim is to meet others and to develop interaction skills.

  • Every Wednesday: 1pm - 3pm
  • NG016 (Neath Campus)
  • Contact name: Gemma Phillips-Richards and Susan Roberts.

Afan Campus Interact Club

Activities: Charity fundraising and social activities – such as movie nights, Children in Need, Comic Relief, Sports Relief, Quiz and Karaoke nights. They also meet socially for meals and are planning an ice skating trip to Cardiff just before Christmas.

  • Tuesday 12.45pm in AA126
  • Contact name: Jonathan Miller
  • The club has received an official charter from Rotary International and also a Change Maker Award. This is the only Interact Club in an FE College in Wales. The meetings are supported and attended by Rotary Club members.